the chris haas story

Chris Haas, a high school football player in Cambridge, Ontario, had half of his right foot amputated after a single car accident in November 2015, from that day forward he told himself he would play football again.  This is his journey.

The Legend of carl's catering

Carl's Catering The Glen is a storied company, dating back to the 60's where it originated with Carl Dalli.  His son, Bino Dalli, took over the business in the late 80's.  This is the story of his journey.  Bino, and the folks at Carl's are known for truly connecting with the couples that get married at Carl's, and the corporate contacts they work with for their events.  This video was created to help them scale their ability to connect with potential clients.

Story taps into our deep social desire... I remember talking to an artist once who said ‘well the brain’s obviously built for story’... scientist hat on, not really. Our brains are built for each other, and if you can tell me about another that engages me attentionally and emotionally, I’m going to remember that, I’m going to be moved by that.
— Paul Zaks, Neuroscientist (creator of ZEST)


Edson hardwood - reclaimed wood table build


Dan of Edson Hardwood wanted to find a way to makeup for a schedule delay that happened on a job for one of their best clients.  Knowing the needs of their home, he decided to build a reclaimed wood table for them, and tell us how he came to learn to do what he does, along with why he loves working with reclaimed wood.

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