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Trackable Digital Marketing for Cafe’s, Restaurants, & Breweries.

A system to acquire new customers & current customers.

The bullet points of what we do:

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Customized Facebook Messenger Chatbots

  • Trackable digital coupon & digital offer redemption program

The traditional way was to spend money on advertising to mass media, send it out with no idea who was going to see it, and HOPE they did something that led to a positive income for your business.

We offer the ROI Engine - a system that helps you acquire customers, new & current, into your business.

PLUS, track how they interact with you, and provide them repeated value so that you’re given the opportunity to turn them into regular customers.

Here’s how it works:

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Building Your Database

Another traditional tactic was to spend money on advertising in order to ‘buy sales’. This would require you to spend money every time you wanted to talk to your potential customers.

Instead, we put your money to efficient use by building your database (email, messenger, etc) so that you spend money once to acquire them into your database to repeatedly talk to them.

A core part of the ROI Engine is building your database utilizing Facebook Messenger and email. This is important because messenger not only provides less friction for receiving email info, but it also has around a 90% open rate with our program!

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Social Media Growth

We increase your engagement on your Facebook page. You will get more likes, shares and comments. You will be amazed by how well our posts work and the engagement they receive.

Checkout the Facebook Page of our founder, Scott K. Douglas, for helpful digital marketing tips and info - especially when it comes to the Food & Drink space. Here’s a few of those video’s: